“It feels that my ovarian function has improved even further in the last 2 months. I feel better after I settled down from the change and sleeping well. My hair is still fuller and healthier I now get familiar pre- menstrual symptoms. Symptoms are uterine heaviness, breast tenderness, nausea and headache, exactly what I used to feel before a period.”

– Sandra


“We ve been back home exactly a week ago now and have been trying to settle into a routine again. Not that easy after we had really switched off!
It was a great, eventful and interesting week.”

– S.F.

“One day my husband was doing research and came across Dr. Melnick and his Ovarian Rejuvenation Treatment. My husband and I thought this may be the answer to our prayers in having a child. Ovarian Rejuvenation consists of using of using injections made of stem cells from your own cells. The process helps increase a woman’s egg count increasing the chances of you getting pregnant naturally with your partner. I had the procedure completed by Dr. Melnick last March in 2017. It was painless and lasted less than an hour. For the procedure, you are put to sleep. When I awoke, I had minimum pain, more of maybe a little discomfort, but nothing to complain about. Miraculously I had gotten my period 5 days after the procedure, which is unheard of, but did indeed happen! My husband and I made love after having my period and 1-2
weeks later we were told by my gynecologist that we were pregnant! We have a beautiful baby girl now and we couldn’t have had a baby without Dr. Melnick’s assistance. We are forever grateful and blessed for the entire procedure and God’s grace. I would hands down recommend
this procedure to any woman who is over 30 and who has gone through fertility treatments that have failed cycle after cycle. Ovarian Rejuvenation literally rejuvenates your eggs and makes it more feasible to get pregnant naturally.”

– Anonymous Middletown N.J.